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Serving local & international clients with years of experience! WWS is Your ultimate textile solutions!
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Serving local & international clients with years of experience! WWS is Your ultimate textile solutions!
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Serving local & international clients with years of experience! WWS is Your ultimate textile solutions!
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A classic never goes out of date. WWS is a renowned sourcing partner of your choice.

WWS is an established and familiar global apparel supply chain organiser and producer of high quality products with competitive pricing than other competitors.



Key elements that make World Wear Sourcing the best competitive trading house in fashion industries.

General activities of a World Wear Sourcing...


Research And Development

World Wear Sourcing believe that Research & Development is the foundation of any innovation in fashion industries. Our R&D teams in different locations have great contribution in sourcing and developing the latest fabrics, finishes and washes ahead of the market. Our teams work closely with our extensive network in order to provide excellent products with required quality & quantity, without compromising prices. Our Technical Support Teams ensure that samples are created and developed safely according to customers’ product required specification.


World Wear Sourcing ensure that products buying teams are accurately forecast trends, plan stock levels. We are the interface between Buyer & Exporter. WWS is responsible from order analysis to shipment. So Merchandising is the very valuable department in the Apparel Industry like us. Our garment merchandising office is acting as an export office of garment. Our main duty is to maintain good relation between the producer and importer and fulfill the demand of a garment buyer.


We are expert in sourcing garments any kind of production effectively. We are able to manufacture small or big quantities in premium quality within our customers price specification. We provide our customers with the most suitable factories depending on their product and order. With experienced and skilled one stop Quality Control teams, we are able to provide our partners with the visibility and control needed to measure the progress and quality of each order. We take care of every business proposals equally.

We have expert technician team to monitor and control the quality at factories and discuss with customers the technical developments and opportunities for gaining optimal efficiency. We ensure that all necessary tests of materials are done on time with reputable test institutes or with in.

Operation Support

World Wear Sourcing Operational excellence adds value and creates sustainable competitive advantage to the business.  The global nature of the textile industry requires professional operations support from finance, logistics, compliance, HR, and IT. WWS teams work closely with each other as well as with their counterparts to ensure that operations are carried out smoothly and efficiently across the supply chain.

Other Services

  • Yarn Supply
  • Fabric supply
  • Lace Supply
  • Knitting & Dying Support
  • All Over Print Support
  • Digital / Sublimation / Piece print
  • Lab Support
  • Embroidery / Washing
  • All Kind Of Accessories & Trims
  • Hand & Manual Work Support
  • Technical SUpport
  • QA & QC Support
  • Digital / Sublimation / Piece print

Yarn Supply

Fabric Supply

Lace Supply

Knitting And Dying support

All Over print support

Digital / Sublimation / Piece print

Lab Support

Embroidery / Washing

All Kind Of Accessories & Trims

Hand & Manual Work Support

Technical Support



Take a look through our showroom to see how we have delivered quality tangible service to our clients.


WWs Role

WWS is basically a trading partner between the buyer/retailer and manufacturer. Our important business hubs is a combination of a buying agency, a liaison office and trading office. Our business concept and terms contain competitive ideas.

  1. Right sourcing for the right products.
  2. Advance risk analysis.
  3. Competitive Pricing
  4. Right quality from our technical support and Quality Control team.
  5. On-time delivery with right quality and right quantity.

Quality assurance:

WWS is buying house with lots of potentials and with some expert hands for quality assurance, we are a buying house because garment industry maintains a complex supply chain where vendor sources different materials from different places, stitch garments through to different skilled workers and sell goods to retailers. Buying house always hired very expensive quality expert to ensure the product quality. No end consumer will buy a garment with poor quality and visible defects. So buyers and retailers knowingly do not purchase a product that does not meet the international quality standard.

Quality conscious buyers have a strong quality inspection system in place to avoid purchasing of defective goods. So without a buying team support it’s quite difficult to produce right quality product from factories.


  1. Operating effectively, even when things are not certain or the way forward is not clear.
  2. Collaborates: Building partnerships and working collaboratively with others to meet shared objectives.
  3. Customer Focus: Build strong customer relationships and delivering customer-centric solutions
  4. Develops Talent: Developing people to meet both their career goals and the organization’s goals.
  5. Plans and Aligns: Planning and prioritizing work to meet commitments aligned with organizational goals.
  6. Drives Results: Consistently achieving results, even under tough circumstances.

Organic and Sustainable products:

World Wear Sourcing conducted research into some of the most innovative and accessible sustainable textile solutions and has put them together below for an easy overview.

Excessive water and chemical usage, overproduction and the inability to deal with overstock – the garment and textile industry, ever so anxious to be fashion forward, is far behind when it comes to processes and environmental consciousness. Yet, it is also the industry that astounds with groundbreaking innovations like resource-conserving alternatives to cotton and petroleum-based fibres like acrylic, polyester, nylon and spandex; fibres that self-heal, that can be broken down completely and that have a healing effect on the wearer and the environment.The world population growing and people demanding better and longer-lasting garments, all these innovations seems to be popping up just in time.


We understand ourselves as the extended arm, ear and eye of our customer. We try our best efforts that all business objectives & practices are aligned to create a positive impact for your world-wide supply chain, the surrounding environment and for you.

World Wear Sourcing is committed to ethical, compliant and sustainable sourcing in every aspect of our operations and supply chain management. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program is the tool, by which we execute rigorous supplier certifications, coaching/mentoring, proprietary audits and unannounced monitoring. All manufacturers are also required to achieve and maintain both World Wear Sourcing corporate certifications and those of the individual buyers/customers or other international accredited organisations.


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